The Depression Treatment Center of Montana

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Where our goal is to transform lives!

ALEPH, p.c. was founded by Kay Jennings in October 2010. Aleph provides mental health treatment in Missoula, Montana by promoting recovery and wellness in an environment that empowers adolescents and adults to use their virtue strengths to overcome their challenges, Aleph believes that people with mental illness can achieve recovery. Read More...

ALEPH p.c. practices functional psychiatry by treating the mind and body. Aleph understands your uniqueness and will work to provide you with a personalized treatment to stop the endless trial and error, so common in depression treatment. We have a philosophy that lasting and effective biological and psychosocial treatments (psychopharmacology and psychotherapy) for mental health must incorporate and address the digestive, immune, genetic and detoxification systems of the body. We also believe that recovery involves empowering clients via engagement in the their treatment to make informed decisions and educating them about their neurobiological conditions.

We enjoy our clients! We learn from them and try to engage them in all aspects of their recovery. From depression to weight loss, mood spectrum disorders to smoking cessation, we address needs and help people deal with the complicated issues of living in this world.

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